Doggie Day Care at Baba Lu's Playhouse

Dog's and proving great doggie day care are Baba Lu's mom's passion. Her name is Lori LeFavor and she has been hosting all day dog parties and slumber parties for Babu and his friends since 2010 in her Madrona home. Babu and Dory love sharing their huge back yard, numerous lounging areas and, most importantly, the unconditional love of their mom with friends of all sorts. But don't listen to us! Listen to the moms and dads of Babu's pals!


Just a few of the nice things people have had to say about us on Yelp!
“This place has just worked out wonderfully for us.  Lori is very flexible with drop off and pick and really seems to enjoy each dog’s personality. We have a Whippet which is typically a tentative breed, but there is no hesitation in his love for his days at Lori’s house.  He can recognize where we are going from a block away and starts getting excited.   When we arrive he sprints inside as fast as he can, and when I come to pick him up he is happy but completely exhausted from playing all day.” Kara R.

“Baba Lu’s  is a dream come true – starting a new job and needed the right spot for my pup to play and hang out during the day and occasional overnights – Lori the owner could not be more accommodating, thoughtful and professional about her business and her canine clients. My dog comes back every day happy and tired after a an active and social day playing with his new buddies – both of us could not be happier!” Daymon B.

“Baba Lu’s is a doggie oasis in the city. Unlike big doggie day cares Baba Lu’s is a sweet in home alternative. There’s a small but spunky crew of dogs with a huge yard and play area. There’s even a nice ramp for older dogs like mine who have trouble with stairs. My dog loves cuddling inside with Lori and playing with the pups. Lori has been incredibly sweet and compassionate with my senior dog. I can’t say enough about Baba Lu’s! If your dog needs some interaction and play time (not to mention indoor lounging), this is your place!!!” Melissa S.

“I went back to school this past year, and Baba Lu’s has been a life saver!  Since I’m at school all day, I didn’t want my dogs to be left alone at home without any interaction.  They have had sleep overs during the school year a few days in the week and they always love going there.  I live almost 45 minutes away one way, but the drive is worth it for my dogs.” Maiko H.

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