Doggie Day Care in Seattle’s Madrona Neighborhood

Leaving your best friend in the care of a stranger is hard! You want to be sure that he’s safe and loved – and most importantly, having fun! We work hard to make sure that all of the doggies that are in doggie day care on a given day get along well, and give each other the social experience that is good for them. At Baba Lu’s Playhouse you can rest assured that your dog will get a homey, well curated doggie daycare experience with plenty of exercise, socialization and love!

doggie day care

Make New Friends at Doggie Day Care!

Doggie day care is more than just pet sitting! Socialization is key to a happy, healthy life for your dog!  We are careful to get to know our new friends and let them get to know us, so you know that your pet is safe and happy with dogs just as friendly and healthy as he is.

doggie day care

We Love Our Friends Big and Small, Old and Young

Doggie day care isn’t just for young pups! Dogs are pack animals and are happiest with other dogs at any age. We have a great space for running and playing, but also many comfy spaces to lounge and enjoy the company of friends if your hips aren’t quite what they used to be.
doggie day care

Overnight Stays in a Real Home

Doggie Day Care isn’t just for daytime! Boarding your dog overnight should not include a cage. At Baba Lu’s Playhouse, your pup is cared for in a real home, sure to keep her anxiety low and comfort high. Baba Lu, Dory and Lori will make sure your furry family member will be just as happy and safe as he is at home, so you can focus on and enjoy your time away from him without worry.

Schedule a Meet & Greet Today

Meet and Greets are usually less than 30 mins and can be scheduled for 7:30 pm and 8:00 pm on Mondays through Thursdays.