Doggie Day Care at Baba Lu's Playhouse

Dog's and proving great doggie day care are Baba Lu's mom's passion. Her name is Lori LeFavor and she has been hosting all day dog parties and slumber parties for Babu and his friends since 2010 in her Madrona home. Babu and Dory love sharing their huge back yard, numerous lounging areas and, most importantly, the unconditional love of their mom with friends of all sorts. But don't listen to us! Listen to the moms and dads of Babu's pals!


“My 10 month old puppy Charley Marley loves his time at Baba Lu’s Playhouse.
We met the owner Lori through Columbia City Veterinary Hospital.
Charley goes 2 days a week for daycare and I am very happy with the care Charley has received. He has boarded for 10 days in April. He’s gonna stay at Baba Lu’s for 2 weeks in June. I will miss him but I have peace of mind knowing he is well cared for. I’m excited for him!”

Quinn E.

“My puppy loves this place! He can *just barely* sit down for a treat when he gets there in the morning — so excited!! As he slooooowly walks away at the end of the day, he’ll sometimes look back wistfully as Vic waves and says, ‘bye, love you Beebo’. ways love going there.  I live almost 45 minutes away one way, but the drive is worth it for my dogs.”

Margarita Y.

“We’ve been sending our dog Kampai here for about a year and a half. He clearly loves it as evidenced by his bark and impatience while waiting to be let in! We do 3-5 days/week and have also boarded him and feel very comfortable leaving him there. He is always well cared for and we get awesome photos of him enjoying his day.”

Kate T.

“Our puppy, Lando, started going to Baba Lu’s at age 18 weeks and has been going there 2+ times per week for the last few months. It has been a great experience for him and for us:
– He loves it. Gets excited when we pull up and races out of the car to the front door.
– Lori and her team clearly love dogs,and the fact that it’s a smaller daycare in a cozy home environment enables them to keep a closer eye on the dogs. I trust that Lando is super safe in Lori’s care and she would pick up on whether anything was wrong with him.
– Lori is super flexible – we’ve sometimes added days, asked for a night of boarding or requested a late pickup. Lori has always been super accommodating,and it makes it much easier to manage our schedules knowing we have her as a backup.
The only small thing to be aware of is that the dogs play outside all day, which is fabulous fun for them, but means a slightly grubby coat. We use dog-grooming wipes at the end of the day, which do the trick just fine. However, if you are super OCD about your house (hard if you have a dog!), this may not be the place for you…”

Claire O.

“Max loves Baba Lu’s! It has been great for him (and us)! He plays super hard, lounges and naps – and then comes home a tired and happy pup. Lori is fab – very friendly, upfront and really partnering with me on what’s best for Max. She knows what she is doing and I love knowing Max is with her and her crew all day (and on the overnights when we are out of town).

–Home/yard set up is all about dogs!
–The hours, price, staff, convenience, communication – all excellent.
–Friendly and warm environment.
–You know your dog is in the best hands – safe and cared for like in your own home.
… well pretty much everything!

–Keeping up with Max as he rushes full speed to Lori’s gate in the mornings for drop off.
–Picking him up — as he never wants to leave. When he was smaller I had to carry him to the car. Now I have treats to convince him to come with me…!”

Erin H.

“I’ve been bringing my Aussie here for over a year and a half for day care. I bring my pup 3-5 times a week. Lori and her team are great! My active dog comes home tired and is excited to go visit his buddies each time I take him. I like the fact that he will spend time inside and outside during the day. I’ve also done boarding with Babu Lu’s and I feel comfortable having him here while I’m traveling. Many thanks to Lori and her team!”


“This place has just worked out wonderfully for us.  Lori is very flexible with drop off and pick and really seems to enjoy each dog’s personality. We have a Whippet which is typically a tentative breed, but there is no hesitation in his love for his days at Lori’s house.  He can recognize where we are going from a block away and starts getting excited.   When we arrive he sprints inside as fast as he can, and when I come to pick him up he is happy but completely exhausted from playing all day.”

Kara R.

“We absolutely love Baba Lu’s Playhouse. We adopted a rescue dog who is very shy with new people and takes a long time to adjust to new places. Lori and her team were so kind and patient with our dog Nina as she slowly came out of her shell. Lori is great at communicating and always keeps us updated on Nina’s progress. She and her team did everything they could to help Nina settle in. We are incredibly grateful knowing that Nina is loved every single day at Baba Lu’s. Not only that, Nina loves Lori and her team too. Nina goes to Baba Lu’s three days a week and has been there for 8 months now. We don’t know what we would do without Baba Lu’s!”

Liz F.

“This is one of Abu’s favorite place on earth! He always gets so excited when he realized it’s daycare day! Abu is very shy and gets scared easily; it will take him a long time to trust a new person in his life. Lori spent a lot of time working with Abu and helping him to become more confident and overall a happier dog! Lori is also very flexible with changes in our schedule. Whenever we go on trips without Abu, I always know that he is happy and well taken cared of at Baba Lu’s! Highly recommended!”

Anny L.

“Baba Lu’s  is a dream come true – starting a new job and needed the right spot for my pup to play and hang out during the day and occasional overnights – Lori the owner could not be more accommodating, thoughtful and professional about her business and her canine clients. My dog comes back every day happy and tired after a an active and social day playing with his new buddies – both of us could not be happier!”

Daymon B.

“Baba Lu’s is a doggie oasis in the city. Unlike big doggie day cares Baba Lu’s is a sweet in home alternative. There’s a small but spunky crew of dogs with a huge yard and play area. There’s even a nice ramp for older dogs like mine who have trouble with stairs. My dog loves cuddling inside with Lori and playing with the pups. Lori has been incredibly sweet and compassionate with my senior dog. I can’t say enough about Baba Lu’s! If your dog needs some interaction and play time (not to mention indoor lounging), this is your place!!!”

Melissa S.

“I went back to school this past year, and Baba Lu’s has been a life saver!  Since I’m at school all day, I didn’t want my dogs to be left alone at home without any interaction.  They have had sleep overs during the school year a few days in the week and they always love going there.  I live almost 45 minutes away one way, but the drive is worth it for my dogs.”

Maiko H.

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